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HMC-ICP - Integrated Communications Platform

Nodes, Controllers and Endpoints

The three main components of HMC-ICP are Nodes, Controllers and Endpoints. Endpoints are connected to the nearest Node. Nodes are networked together in a redundant fashion. Controllers are placed in any Node as required. Distribution occurs at all levels of the design. This allows for maximum flexibility and expandability.

The system is designed with the following:

  • Dimensions: 24.93H x 23.62W x 21.65D
  • Power Requirements are 10 Amps at 220V
  • Total number of endpoints per node: 140
  • NEMA/EEMAC Type 12 and Type 13
  • Switch over UPS
    • Extended (Battery packs available)
CABLING (2 Cable Types)
  • To End Point
    • Shielded Twisted Pair
    • TIA/EIA 568B
    • CAT5E
  • Node to Node
    • Multimode Fiber Optic
  • Multi-channel paging
  • Playable files for alarm and signals
  • Adhering to CFR 46 / IEEE / SOLAS / ABS / USCG regulations
  • Software configurable
    • PA Zones
    • Priorities
    • Alarms
  • System Monitoring and Indication
  • Standard Connectors
  • End to End Digital
  • Command Override / System Modes
  • SIP based
  • VoIP PBX can support up to 10,000 users
  • Voicemail
  • System is a fraction of the physical size of traditional PBX systems
  • Unlimited number of PSTN gateways and trunk lines
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous calls
  • Optional fully redundant call control system
  • Browser based configuration and management
  • Centralized management of all phone parameters
  • Centralized backup and restore of all phone configurations
  • Unlimited number of auto-attendants
  • Centralized web management
  • Automatic wireless signal strength
  • End-to-end security
    • Rogue detection
    • Encryption
  • Scales easily

Summary of HMC-ICP™ Cost Saving Benefits

  • Touchscreen Control
  • No Amplifiers
  • Easy Installation
  • Pluggable Endpoints
  • Expandable (N-C-E)
  • Field-Replaceable Components
  • Entertainment & CCTV Available'07
  • Small Footprint
  • Multi-Channel Paging
  • IP Based System
  • Integrated Public Address / General Alarm, VOIP, Wireless
  • True End to End Digital System
  • System Monitoring & Indication
  • Less Cable, Less Cost & Less Weight
  • Addressable Speakers
  • Software Configurable
  • Self-Powered Endpoints

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