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  • Panels
    Alarm, Navigation, Monitoring and Distribution Panels for all Marine and Land Use.
  • Public Address System
    Integrated Public Address / Talkback / General Alarm Systems, Field Equipment: Horns, Speakers and Microphone Stations.
  • Sound Powered System
    Commercial and MIL-Spec Voice Powered Telephone, Headsets, Jack Boxes and accessories for all Marine and Land use.
  • Voice Powered System
    Emergency Failsafe Communication Equipment for all Marine and Land use Operates without batteries or external power source
  • Wireless System
    Radio and Wireless Telephone Systems and Equipment for all Marine and Land use.
  • Audible Signal Devices
    Bells, Buzzers, Horns, Howlers, Klaxtons, Sirens, Speakers for all Marine and Land use.
  • Dial Telephone System
    Automatic Dial Telephone Switchboards and Telephony Accessories Commercial Grade for Land use and Ruggedized for Marine applications
  • Entertainment System
    Music and Video Distribution Systems with Antenna, Amplifier, AM/FM Tuner, Cassette Deck, CD, VCR, DVD, Satellite Radio and Satellite TV options.
  • General Alarm System
    Bells, Beacons, Contact Makers, Relays plus Integrated Public Address / General Alarm System products: Horns, Speakers, Control Units/Microphone Stations, etc.
  • Hazardous Location Equipment
    UL Listed products for all Marine and Land use. Class 1, Div 1; Class 1 Div 2; Intrinsically Safe options for Bells, Phones, Horns, Beacons, etc.
  • NSN Numbers
    Government classified products issued by National Stock Number (NSN)

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