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To learn more about our comprehensive line of recreational, alarm and communication systems we welcome you to browse our online products pages. To custom configure a system, please click here to access our Request for Quote Forms.

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Mines / Tunnels, Construction / Demolition, Manufacturing Plant, Warehouse, Crew / Crane, Quarries, Utilities, Energy


High Rise Buildings, Shopping Centers, Parking Garages, Amusement Parks, Hotels


Ski Resorts, Beach Resorts, Hunting Resorts, Fishing Lodges


Tunnels, Bridges, Subways, Train Stations, Airports, Bus Depots, Railway Stations


Schools, Hospitals, Government Buildings, Correctional Facilities, Nursing Homes


Military, Homeland Security, FEMA

Hose-McCann Communications is a leading supplier of transportation communications systems, providing solutions to private businesses and government agencies for use in underground and / or above ground applications such as in tunnels, bridges, subways, train stations, airports, bus depots and railway stations. For ferries and water transportation, see our Marine division. All of our products exceed present and building codes / policy regulations and those under review for implementation.

Our engineers will work with you to design a complete, customized communications solution whether you need a Failsafe Voice Powered System™, Dial Telephone Switchboard, Public Address / Alarm System, Intercom or a combination. Hose-McCann can provide wireless, cabled, IP or satellite fed options. Our objective is to ensure you have a communications system that works for you every time.

We understand and can accommodate the particular needs of the transportation industry. Whether you are meeting mandated communication requirements or are attempting to ensure the safety of staff and passengers, Hose-McCann Communications provides a combination of network equipment totally independent of electricity combined with wireless radio to achieve a communications system that is the most efficient and reliable possible. We will help you to save time and money by ensuring you have a system that enables seamless communications for effective oversight and operations.

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We communicate better than the rest.

Visit www.hmclifeline.com - Hose-McCann's site dedicated to Failsafe Voice Powered Systems™ (VPS™).

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