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To learn more about our comprehensive line of recreational, alarm and communication systems we welcome you to browse our online products pages. To custom configure a system, please click here to access our Request for Quote Forms.

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Offshore Refineries, Oil Rigs, Drilling Rigs, Semi-Submersibles and Cranes


Tankers, Workboats, Tugs, Container Ships, Supply Vessels


Cruise Ships, Yachts, Marinas


Ferries, Ferry Terminals, Shipboard Heliports


Navy, Coast Guard, Homeland Security, FEMA

Hose-McCann Communications:
Your Maritime Communications Superstore

Hose-McCann Communications provides the latest technologies for commercial shipboard communications applications such as tankers, workboats, tugs, container ships and supply vessels. We provide a complete product line of ABS-Type Approval Equipment. All Hose-McCann Communications products are user-friendly and above all else reliable. Our marine-grade products are built to last the harsh environment and natural elements of the ocean. We offer products that meet and exceed desired specifications that require ruggedized, shock-grade, watertight, corrosion proof, and weatherproof.

We offer you even greater cost savings with our cutting edge Integrated Communications Platform (ICP™) specifically designed with your needs in mind. It allows you cross-platform control of all of your shipboard communications and entertainment systems - Public Address / General Alarm, Automatic Dial Telephones / Switchboards, Intercom and Wireless. With ICP™ you will benefit from a reduced cable infrastructure, lighter weight, and ease and flexibility of system modification during design, construction and operation.

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We communicate better than the rest.

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