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Navigation Light Panels

Panels for Marine Navigation Lights


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Customized, Solid State, Semi-Automatic For Single and Dual Lamp Circuits


Navigation Light Panels are available in Flush or Surface Mounting and are equipped with an "Emergency Repair Plug" to allow for normal operation of all lights should failure occur on the Printed Circuit Board.


  • Surface or Flush Mounting
  • Visual and Audible Alarm of Lamp Failure or Blown Fuse
  • Solid State Current Sensors for Short Circuit Protection
  • Plug-In Printed Circuit Board Configured for any Wattage Lamp in any Circuit
  • Emergency Repair Plug
  • System Test Button
  • Lifetime Warranty of Plug-In Printed Circuit Board
  • Labeled to Owner's Specifications

Additional Features Available:

  • Dual Power Sources
  • Remote Alarm
  • Man-Overboard
  • Flashing Light
  • Whistle Light
  • FWD / AFT Motion Selector
  • Automatic On and Off
  • Rotary Switch for Task Lights
  • Alarm Lamp Dimmer
  • Running Light Dimmer Control

Complies with:
IEEE-45: Clause 21.4
ABS Rules for Building and Classing Steel Ships 2006: 4-8-2/11.3
USCG: Section 111.75-17

Voltage Options:

  • 120VAC Input Power
  • 220VAC Input Power
  • 12VDC Input Power
  • 24VDC Input Power
  • 32VDC Input Power

Branch Circuit Options:
Ungrounded Neutral (Standard)
Ungrounded Neutral means both sides of each Branch Circuit are Switched Dual Power Sources and Fused

Grounded Neutral (Upon Request)
Grounded Neutral means only the Hot side of each Branch Circuit is Switched and Fused

Custom Alarm & Monitoring Panels


  • Surface or Flush Mounting Available
  • Master / Slave Panels
  • Audible & Visual alarms
  • Remote Alarm Signals
  • Watch Call & Hospital Call Panels & Room Units
  • AC & DC Operating Voltages


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