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Dial Telephone System

Automatic Dial Telephone Switchboards and Telephony Accessories Commercial Grade for Land use and Ruggedized for Marine applications


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9500T2 Switchboard

Automatic Dial Telephone Switchboard

Since the 1990's, Hose-McCann has researched and developed a truly rugged and reliable automatic dial telephone system, especially designed for use on board commercial and military ocean going vessels. Hose-McCann now proudly introduces the 9500T2 Automatic Dial Telephone System - a telecommunication system designed for the millenium. The 9500T2 is engineered with a clean, controlled, stable power supply which eliminates the possibility of fluctuating electrical power.


  • Self-contained unit with stand-alone capability.
  • All telephone connections terminated are clearly marked
  • All power input connections are clearly marked.
  • All audible and visual alarms that are activated with a telephone call are either terminated at the switchboard, or parallel with the telephone and clearly marked.
  • INMARSAT connections are terminated at the switchboard.
  • Programming from laptop, PC, satellite or modem is accomplished through an RJ-11 plug in a modular jack clearly marked at the switchboard.
  • Programming specific to the customer is supplied in three (3) forms: 1– Within the central processor of the switchboard 2– Within the spare processor (recommended spare part) 3– A 3.5” floppy diskette.
  • Data ports (if required) are clearly marked at the switchboard.
  • A battery back-up is supplied for the switchboard itself.
  • Available with unlimited line capacity through modular architecture

Standard Features:

  • Digital / Analog port configuration
  • Executive-Right-of-Way
  • Call forwarding
  • Call transfer
  • 3-Digit automatic dialing
  • Call conferencing
  • 8-hour battery back-up
  • Satellite communications interface
  • Shore-line interface
  • Cellular interface through exchange
  • Public address interface for Allcall (optional)
  • Handsfree talkback
  • Programmable priority & access levels
  • Built-in relays for audio visual indicators
  • Toll restriction
  • Selective call routing of incoming calls
  • Simultaneous conversations unlimited as to the number of stations available
  • Remote Diagnostic/Maintenance (Optional)
  • Zone paging public address interface (Optional)
  • Background music (Optional)

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