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Explosion Proof Products

Explosion Proof classified products including Bells, Beacons, Horns and Telephones, for all Marine and Land use.

Hazardous Location Series Bells

UL Listed, Class 1, Div. 2 Commercial Bells for all Marine and Land use.


Horns, Loudhailers and Talkback Units for all Marine and Land applications.

Intrinsically Safe Products

Intrinsically Safe classified Sound Powered products for all Marine and Land use.

Navy Bells

Government Bells for Marine applications.

Sound Powered Telephones


Speakers, Horns, Loudhailers, Talkback Stations, etc. for all Marine and Land applications


Dial Telephones, Sound Powered and Intrinsically Safe Telephones for all Marine and Land applications.


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Explosion Proof Products | Hazardous Location Series Bells | Navy Bells

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Hazardous Location Equipment | 1 Results
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UL Listed products for all Marine and Land use. Class 1, Div 1; Class 1 Div 2; Intrinsically Safe options for Bells, Phones, Horns, Beacons, etc.

  • B2S4 EXP
    SYM# 2622.2, TYPE IC/B2S4(EXP) EXP. PROOF BELL, 115VAC
    Symbol #: 2622.2

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