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2200 Series

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General Alarm System

Bells, Beacons, Contact Makers, Relays plus Integrated Public Address / General Alarm System products: Horns, Speakers, Control Units/Microphone Stations, etc.

Public Address System

Integrated Public Address / Talkback / General Alarm Systems, Field Equipment: Horns, Speakers and Microphone Stations.


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2200 Series | 12 Results

Integrated Public Address / Talkback / Alarm Systems


  • Compact version of the HMUM-1648
  • Steel Construction (Rating: IP55, NEMA 12)
  • Available Rack Space from 13U to 25U
  • Shock Mounts
  • ABS Approved


Swing Frame:   16 GA. Steel
Door:   Extruded Aluminum, Glass
Finish:   Textured Baked Enamel


The HM-2200 Series and 2200-EPIC Series communication systems incorporate the same modular architecture, redundant components, design and customization capabilities of the HMUM-1648 Series into a smaller, more compact system for projects where space and weight restrictions apply. These series of Integrated Public Address / Talkback / General Alarm System house a custom configuration of PA/GA/TB amplifier modules, one "hot" standby amplifier module, power supply, monitor panel, cooling fan, and control card circuitry in a rugged marine-grade equipment rack.

SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS for Single Cabinet Configuration:

Max. PA Zones / Groups 6 plus AllCall
Simultaneous Channels 4 typical (load/zone dependent)
PA Speaker Line Feed 70.7V Line balanced
Frequency Response 500-5KHz ± 6dB
Max. Speaker Lines / Runs 4 per PA zone(60W max. per run)
Distortion < 5 % (overall)
Compression Variable 0 - 20dB
Speaker Line Supervision Continuous DC Loop, open/short/either side GND detect
Amplifier Supervision Continuous 32KHz detect
Automatic Amplifier Substitution Time Max 1.0 sec. After failure
Internal Test Tone Level 1KHz (pulsed or continuous), -15dBrnc
Max. TB Stations 18 (inc. Masters)
Max. TB Zones/Groups 2 (may be overlapping)
Simultaneous TB Channels 2 (load dependant)
Master One (600 Ohm/Mic equipped)
Remote Up to 3 (600 Ohm/Mic equipped)
PBX Page Input Two (-15dBm, 600 Ohm)
Aux/SRE Input One (1V rms, -15dBm)
External Contactors 8 max., Dry contact, make on close or open
Power Required 115 VAC/60Hz Standard
220 VAC and 24 VDC Optional
Input Limiting /Transient Protection Yes
Ordering Options Enclosure Dimensions
HM-ICSC-2225 45.93" 23.62" 22.65"
HM-ICSC-2216 30.18" 23.62" 22.65"
HM-ICSC-2213 24.93" 23.62" 22.65"

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